🌎Father and Daughter😍❤️

Laugh together,smile together and live happy life ❤️🌎

The person who has all burden on his shoulder,

Looking for the happiness of family.

Never look for self needs,then too completing all requirements of family.

Taught me to walk by holding his hands,

Taught to say DAD❤️🌎 and after the happiness reached up to the sky.

The relation between the daughter and dad is really UNIQUE.

Beacuse they never want more than each other.

She always fight with his dad,

Saying that I want you for my 💓 birthday party DAD.

Then quarrelling with the boss in company

Dad get happily back to the birthday party.

After seeing all those happiness mom’s eyes filled with water for the love of daughter and dad

People say that your daughter will one day get BURDEN on your head,

DAD said with smiling face😊, without her burden I CAN’T LIVE AHEAD❤️

Because she is my life🌎 , she is my motivation to live alive …….❤️

Daughter and dad’s love ❤️

Change your mentality

All the people just think about what they see but never think deep and inside about the matter.They never understand any matter, just by looking to the people decision and chit chatting the next person too get involved in the same matter.Thus never understand the complete matter,people always are their to demotivate you then let it be your success or your failure they damn don’t think about it.

For instance.The things happens usually in our home.Our family members knows us very properly then too they make some misunderstanding due to some negative points thrown out by the cheap mentality people.Who are those cheap people, they are always bussy in taking up part in different problems and never diclose the matter, they just expand the matter in a such way that the matter get complicated and never get excluded. This people make our value low in our parents views.They make them understand about the negative points to them oppose to their children.This causes less confidence about their child.That what she/he will do in their life.They restirict them from all the enjoyment for instance- roaming late night with friends,using mobile phones, making male friends,not to use fashionable clothes.They can’t understand the main motive of people that is to grab their child from going ahead and to be something.But our family make fault in understanding us and when they understand us over all we may be on our last stage of either failure or success.The reason behind writing this is only to make aware that please all the parents should not take bad view to see their child, beacuse of such fellow people around us.If you will grab all the enjoyments and opportunities from your child they will frustrate with bad luck and blame on their luck to be your child.Parents should make them discipline but as per the situation and always making them wrong from all the sides.Make them feel lonely they may take wrong decisions and you may suffer a lot later.You are only the one who are familiar with your children so don’ts get depressed whatever your child will do will be great and will be successful in life.But just ignore such people and believe on your child

Be in yourself ☺️

Tears of GIRLS

Never think abot the goodness for herself. Always flow away through all Directions for well-being of family,husband, friends and relatives.Then too why all of them raise questions on her, why they trouble her,why they black mail her????

If she is there to understand everyone why then they can’t.Why they didn’t understand her feelings.Girls are determined by their behaviour, understanding Nd their nature.Due to misbehave ness of some girls, all girls are seen as character less.Then to she over come through all the problems for the happiness of her family.Why then family can’t understand her feelings and emotions.Why they think her all the time wrong from all the sides.Due to this nature of her family and relatives.She scare to take up decisions in her life.Then too she is taken as the girl with no repsect for the parents.Why is this so, why the girl is not taken superior but inferior all the time.Teasing her,underlining all the small mistakes where the boy too does same mistakes.WHEN ALL THOSE MENTALITIES ARE GOING TO CHANGE IN THE PRESENT.STILL TODAY MANY GIRLS ARE SUFFERING THROUGH ALL THE CRITICISM.

Please 🥺 🙏 stop all the harrasment on the girls……(this is the loud sound coming out from all the girls heart 😓)


🌌 Dreams Don’t Allow you to sleep😴

According to Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam dreams are not those which we see in sleep,but which doesn’t allow you to sleep.One who is eager to complete while one keep thinking more about the DREAM’S.

A person without dreams is like a bird without the wings.Similarly a person without a dream is like a bird without wings.Dreams make us to live life and make it meaningful dreams are that which inspires us make us stronger and like a hopeful pillar.In life to be a meaningful life is to live life with the dream and exploit our class.

For example,The story of the optimestic sanyogita the story of a intelligent and courageous girl who just fight with her financial condition and dream for the best education.she was always dream about the luxurious life to be live with her family.One day his mother was suffering in hospital due to the viral infection which made her more depressed but still she took care of her mother and she used to sit late night side of her mother and use to study for examination

Lack of being financial condition 😔 also the health of her mother who was suffering from the illness.She till decided….I WILL STUDY MORE HARD AND BE LUXURIOUS PERSON IN LIFE…..This was the fact she pray to God that give mi chance to fight with difficulties and TO WIN LIFE

Hence, we can understand that dreams don’t allow you to sleep

💪 Knowledge is Power 💪

Do well…👍👍

One can gain power through knowledge.knowledge of something allows one to become powerful.It could be anything you are good at.A particular talent defines a person’s skill in that area.Any specialization could help one overcome boundaries and attain success.Enough knowledge of something or anything can make a person dominate over others in his area of expertise.

A person who has acquired skills in any domain is self sufficient enough to conduct his duties and affairs efficiency.Some could be said about a painter who knows how to get his work done,or a student and teachers,or even a farmer who has knowledge of his farm and the climate.Such skilled personal can moreever their tasks seamlessly without any help from others.That is the case of an individual who acquire knowledge about something or anything he feels is important for him.

An reader gains knowledge through his reading and has own speculation about the things happening around him. A person with knowledge does not believe in superstitions or belief which are presented to him but are not supported with real facts. Hence on the basis supported with real facts his knowledge could eradicate among them. Such people with great knowledge have the power to become great leaders.Power of knowledge could make this leader respectable by his followers. And if one leader is not fill with the knowledge,he is ignored by everyone and hence one can say ” knowledge is Power”

      Importance of discipline 🤓

Self discipline leads to success in life 👍👍😊

       The discipline eventually starts from me to share with you here the importance of the discipline.

        I too should be self disciplined about myself. I would like to share one ex.of importance of discipline with the help of students studying in schools and colleges.There are many rules and regulations in school and also at home but outside while going for tutions or to roam with the friends and many other places parents or teachers are not present at that situation they never follow any rules or discipline.

To be perfect in future to make a good idol in front of society needs the person with the self discipline.The discipline teach us to elaborate the good things in our country mind to take knowledge of surrounding ,one should always be with A DISCIPLINE. Discipline is the part of peace in the world.Never you can form an image in society….

So be self disciplined 🙏🙏👍

Dangerous Mobile Gaming 📲😱

In vast use of Internet,we use n numbers of applications in mobiles.As per the generation technology and research touched the sky.The journey from stoneage to the great inventions is very informative.Every inventions and discoveries by the great people show their INTELLIGENCY and talent.The reason behind this inventions were to fulfill the needs of people, to make their lifestyle easy going, and friendly with the use of Internet.

On the other hand great people made their inventions and explored their great ideas infront of the society.Generally internet users in India are increasing consistently.But we should be aware about disadvantages of mobile gaming to which the teenagers are grabed forcefully that is nothing but the MOBILE GAMING.Teenagers are neglecting the books to refer and study.Instead forcefully attracting towards the gaming for hours and hours.Due to which they get EYE IRRITATION,STRESS,LACK OF SLEEP etc.This causes due to over use of gaming process,some of the shooting and screen moving games with the loud voice make the hearing problems.And other physical improperment.Every of the parent,whose child is using the gaming process should keep in mind that this process may change into the ADDICTION.This can create many major problem into India’s economic development ultimately.

India may lack behind,if every of the child started playing all this games.They will lack behind in the stream of knowledge.And this all gaming applications will just spoil their whole life and future.So their should be proper use of mobile phones in terms of internet

       Too dependent on technology 📲🖥️

        As the time passed,the inventions and discoveries increased.The man’s progress began to reach the technology.Now modern technology has helped man in every sphere of life. Technology assures safety, comfort and peace in human life.But too much use of technology makes the man became too dependent on technology.

         Technology has made world smaller by providing communication tools.Also it explored solar system and universe.This dependence has not only made human beings life so facilitated,comfort and luxurious but also made him lazy, sluggish and weak.As the technology provides us all needful things like a FRIEND,it has destructed man’s capability.so it is a natural thing for a man to become dependent on technology.

          The usage of technology has also increased the level of crimes and criminals.In this age kids prefer playing video games instead of playing outdoor games,which makes them physically weak. Due to this they suffer from vision problem,headache,stressful.The mobiles harmful raditions are responsible for this.In this way,their most of the time is wasted in technologies.Even while walking they hold a phone in their hand,which make all the people disappear from them.



           Life in use of technology 🔌🖥️🖥️😰

🌌 आयुष्य ❤️🌎

🌌 जीवनाच्या प्रत्येक वाटेवरती आपली भेट अनेक माणसानं सोबत होत असते .काही छान आठवणी देऊन जातात तर काही एक अनुभव देऊन निघुन जातात.ह्या अश्या जीवनात प्रत्येक माणूस वेगवेगळया अनुभवातून निघत असतो.लहान असताना लहान मुलं फक्त स्वतः मध्ये हरवून गेलेले असतात.त्यांना कोणत्या हि प्रसंगाबद्दल अनुभव नसतो ते प्रत्येक क्षण स्वतःच्या मर्जीने जगत असतात.पण हे असं मनमोकळे पणे राहणं फक्त लहान असतानाच जमतं,जसे जसे आपण मोठे होत जातो त्याप्रमाणे आपल्याला स्वतः मध्ये बदल घडवून आणावे लागतात.माणसाने कितीही ठरवलं तरी तो बदलतोच कारण आयुष ही एक अशी सफर आहे की जिथे  दगड सुध्दा पाण्याच्या सडके मुळे आकार बदल तो, तर त्याच प्रमणे माणूस पण वेळेनुसार आणि प्रत्येक परिसथिती मुळे बदलत असतो.आयुष्यात माणसाने विचार फक्त तात्पुरता केला पाहिजे कारण आती विचार केल्याने माणूस पूर्णपणे गोंधळून जातो आणि त्यामुळे त्याला स्वतः बदल कमी आणि दुसऱ्यांबदल जास्त विचार येऊ लागतात.आयुष्यात माणसं ही फक्त नावं ठेवयला असतात पण तीच माणसं आपल्याला आपल्या मर्गा पासून लांबून ठेवतात.अश्या माणसांचा विचार करत बसू नका कारण ही माणसं आपल्याला पोसायला येणार नाही आहेत.पण हे नकी खरं आहे की लोकं आयुष्य जगायला शिकवतात.म्हणा ही तर त्यांची सवयच आहे समोरून गोड आणि मागून आपली वाट लावतात.काही लोकं आपला मन छोट करून हार मानतात ..पण काही त्याच माणसांच्या तोंडावर काही तरी मोठा करून नाव कमवतात. आयुष्यात रडाल तेवढं कमीच म्हणून सदैव हस्त रहा आयुष्य कसा जगायचं हयचा मोठ्ठा कोडं सापडेल..माणसं रडवायलाच आहेत,तुम्हाला पुढे नाही तर मागे खेचणारे तुम्हाला जास्त सापडतील.ह्या अश्या माणसाचा विचार सोडून आपल्या मार्गाला चालत राहा.नकारात्मक विचार सोडून द्या कारण हाच एक असा शत्रू आहे हो तुम्हाला यशस्वी होऊन देत नाही .तुम्हाला माहीत आहे की तुम्ही बरोबर मार्गाला जात आहात तर तुम्ही तेच करा हे तुम्हाला वाटत, सोडा लोकांचं विचार ह्या अश्या माणसानं मुळेच तुम्ही जे करायला पाहिजे ते तुम्ही करत नाही.अश्या मुळे आपण सर्व मार्गात कमी पडतो.आयुष्यात अाशे ही काही अनुभव आणि वेळ येतात की आपण त्यांचा विचार सुद्धा केलेलं नसतं.आशय वेळी तुटून जाऊ नक्का त्या प्रसंगात स्वतःला संकटांन सोबत लढण्यासाठी तयार करा ..हाय मुळे तुम्ही चुकीच्या दिशेने जाण्यापेक्षा योग्य दिशेला येऊन पोहचाल.पण तोच क्षण तुम्हाला तुम्ही काय आहात ते सांगून जाईल. अशेही बरेच माणसं असत्तात की ते आपली लाईफ दुसऱ्यांबरोबर कंपेर करतात त्या मुळे ते स्वताला कोणत्याच बाजूने नीट ओळखू शकत नाहीत.आणि आयुष्यात मागे पडतात,सोडा दुसऱ्यांच्या लाईफ चा विचार करणं …आयुष्य स्वतः च्या मर्जिना जागा,स्वतःचे स्थान निर्माण करा.कारण सदैव जर दुसऱ्यांचा विचार करत बसला तर … तुम्हला तुम्ही केलेल्या गोष्टींमध्ये नेहमी काही तरी कमी वाटेल.आणि तुमचा लोभ वाढतच जाईल,तुमचा मन पूर्णपणे चिंतित राहील आणि तुमच्या हातातले सुखाचे क्षण निसटून जातील.आयुष्यात तुमचे सर्व स्वप्न पूर्ण करा नाही तर ते फक्त स्वप्नंच राहतील . ध्येयाच्या मागे धावा तेव्हाच तुम्ही काही तरी करू मिळवू शकता अन्यथा तुमचा स्वप्नं हा स्वप्नंच राहील.स्वप्नं पूर्ण करण्याकरता खूप मेहनत करावी लागते. सर्व काही थांबून खूप परिश्रम करवा लागतं …जेव्हा तुम्ही काही तरी मिळवलं तेव्हा समजा आख्खा जग आपल्या हातात आहे.त्यासाठी फक्त धमक असायला हवी.बस!!!
           🌌  Live life to the fullest ❤️😍🌎